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Wedding Packages

Searching for your perfect LGBTI destination wedding? Costa Rica may be the perfect place for you and your soul mate to tie the knot! Whether you are looking for a plentiful 50-person affair or an intimate wedding with your closest friends and family, Costa Rica is the perfect scenery to make your dream wedding come true.

Weddings designed by Costa Rica GT are focused on accomplishing all our client’s expectations. We have intimate knowledge and experience in finding special venues, enchanting places, and the best vendors ensuring a stylish, elegant, and romantic wedding, one filled with beauty and joy. 

The new and hot LGBQTI wedding destination is Costa Rica!  Currently, symbolic and legal wedding ceremonies can be celebrated in Costa Rica, from May 26th, 2020, the government ensures that fabulous legal same-sex unions are legal, giving worldwide couples the opportunity to dream, plan and commemorate a lovely wedding and honeymoon, in one of the most scenic countries in the world.

Why Costa Rica is a dreamed wedding destination?

The country has over 1300 miles of unspoiled coastline, ideal for beach weddings and honeymoons. The jungle is exotic and wild, the mountains enclosed secret spots with hidden waterfalls, active volcanoes, exuberant forests, pristine rivers, and beautiful lakes that can be part of your wedding backdrop.  Costa Rica will give your wedding a spectacular setting no matter where you choose to host your wedding. Costa Rica is extraordinary in its beauty and most importantly, it is ‘love inclusive’ too. Straight, gay, or bi can come to celebrate love in this earthly paradise full of romance, adventure, and unique nature.

Costa Rica really does have it all! The beaches are magnificent with soft white sand and crystal clear warm turquoise water.  The weather is warm and sunny; there are plenty of exotic tropical flowers, luxurious or cozy accommodations, exotic rainforest backdrop that set the stage for an extraordinary ceremony for you and your guests.  Besides, the people of Costa Rica are very kind and love to host lovely celebrations, the food is divine, fresh, and healthy.

Our wedding specialist

Thanks to our travel advisor knowledge and our constant research of new and authentic experiences, we can put together a wedding package that includes all, transportation, accommodations, food and beverages, activities for you and your guest, venues, and even your honeymoon. 

No matter what kind of wedding you’re looking to throw, symbolic or legal, a big LGBT event, or a romantic elopement in Costa Rica, we can work together to organize and create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Planning a wedding requires preparation, full knowledge of the industry, and remarkable dedication so that everything turns out perfectly; as professional wedding planners with years of experience in this field, we can ensure the best events to our dear costumers. With the guide of one of our wedding planners, you can rely on a person who knows how to plan, organize and run every aspect and detail of a wedding, but also a person in charge of designing and styling it to your needs, advising you at all times about important aspects like friendly LGBT wedding destinations in Costa Rica, legal procedures, honeymoon destinations, activities for your guests, logistic and budget, saving money by choosing the right providers.

If you choose Costa Rica as your destination wedding we’ll love to be part of your dream come true putting together experience, knowledge, heart, and soul to make your dream come true! We take immense pride and pleasure in planning and celebrating a gay or lesbian wedding.

Choose among our all-inclusive ceremony and reception packages or let our wedding planners assist you to create a custom package that brings your vision to life. We offer wedding ceremony and reception packages that meet the needs of every budget, allowing you to enjoy a Costa Rica wedding without the stress of long-distance wedding planning.


Marital status

lf divorced, please indicate the date, city and state or province, name of Court that decreed the divorce, and the full name of ex-spouse and his/her citizenship, no initials, please. No need to send the actual divorce papers.

Date and place of birth City, state or province, country

Full name of the Father and Mother and current citizenship (no initials)

Required by law, even if parents are deceased. Mother’s name must be her current name, not her maiden.

Mailing address (No P.O. Box)

This is the address where the final documentation will be sent.

The full name

How it is written on your passport. If your last name does not match your father’s (for a reason other than a previous marriage), please provide a brief explanation.

Describe briefly  your  occupation

For example: engineer, electronic technician, school teacher, broker, assistant in electric company, etc. Kindly avoid the following terms as they are vague: company director, project control officer, public official, service technician, assistant, assistant manager, strategy consultant, manager, operations manager, coordinator, etc.

Current home address (No P.O. Box)

Passport number and Citizenship

Please make sure each passport is signed by the bearer. Scan them together and email (Scans: send the scan in JPG or PDF format and size around 500k)

Phone number

Necessary for delivery, in case they can’t find your address.

Witness Required

Costa Rica Law requires two witnesses for the marriage. Family and friends can certainly be witnesses, as long as they are 18 years of age or older. lf you are coming alone, let your coordinator know so the necessary arrangements for local witnesses can be made.

Passport number and Citizenship

Please make sure each passport is signed by the bearer. Scan them together and email (Scans: send the scan in JPG or PDF format andsize around 500k)