manatus-hotel-2Have you heard about Tortuguero National Park, located at the Caribbean side of Costa Rica? This nature lover’s paradise is a remote exotic land that embrace 11 ecological habitats, from high rainforest to marsh communities. However, not only, there is also a narrow lagoon, long stretches of beach, wide open canals and an amazing wildlife which includes mammals in danger of extinction, such wild cats, jaguar, the danta, the manatee, sloths and three species of monkeys. Besides, you can find 405 bird species and amphibians, reptiles like caimans, crocodiles, snakes and river & sea turtles, fishes and insects.

Tortuguero which means ‘Region of Turtles’ in Spanish is nesting ground for sea turtles every year from July to mid-October. Key nesting area for leatherback sea turtles, hawksbill sea turtles and loggerhead sea turtles as well. Declared a national park in 1975 to protect the green turtle population of the world from extinction.

private_guide_tortugueroTortuguero can be accessed by boat or by local flight only, so this will be also part of your adventure, when you access by boat you will be impressed by the magnificence of the canals and wildlife you will see on your journey to the lodge.

Well now that you have the scenery of this spectacular rainforest, you just have to complete the picture with the perfect place to stay, a small, charming and romantic luxury hotel in Tortuguero, Manatus Hotel provides a VIP services, a charmed Spa, fine cuisine, created and designed to give you a first class vacation experience in the jungle.

The weather in Tortuguero is warm and humid throughout the year, however when you open your bungalow’s door, you will experience a fresh and tropical room, so you can enjoy wilderness without sacrifice comfort.  The rooms are comfortable; the AC in the room is a welcome treat after a day of jungle exploring, besides it features an Outdoor Private Patio with Shower, minibar and Satellite TV in case you don’t want to miss a game, news or your favorite show.

manatus-hotel-1The hotel is small, only 12 bungalows, and offers a very personal family feel service. The staff is very attentive and kind, the guest receive a personalized service since day one to the end of your stay. Excursions are always organized in small groups, and guides are very friendly and approachable and really knowledge, specially Luis who is native of Tortuguero so he knows the history of Tortuguero National Park perfectly, how the community has developed, the animal species you can find and the vast vegetation of the area.

The stylish restaurant and bar served excellent gourmet food, from a la carte menu, an all-inclusive top service, which aims to delight your senses with its Afro-Caribbean fusion menu, exclusively designed by a famous international chef.

A peaceful pool overlooking the Tortuguero canals is the perfect complement to the harmony that you are going to experience during your vacation at Manatus Hotel. Here you’ll really get the impression of becoming one with the wilderness.

The Spa is waiting if you wish to receive a relaxing massage; or if you prefer to explore the forest, you can also discover the private forest reserve where you can see birds and multicolored frogs.

gay-friendly-hotel-tortugueroAt the end of your trip, you can take the boat back to the dock or take a local flight to San José, the planes fly at a low altitude, allowing you to see the beautiful landscape below besides you can save time to get to your next destination.

We highly recommend visiting Manatus and experiencing a luxury stay in Tortuguero, where the spectacular nature blends with the comfort of this exclusive hotel.